Hiora, Gheorghe Petrovich

Birth Name Hiora, Gheorghe Petrovich
Gramps ID I0079
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0097] 1953-01-27 Chisinau, Moldova  


Father Hiora, Piotr Dmitrievich [I0132]
Mother Ciobor, Evghenia Ivanovna [I0133]


Married Wife Ostapenco, Liudmila [I0077]
  1. Chicighina, Tatiana Nicolivna [I0074]
Married Wife Vasilievna, Liudmila [I0138]
  1. Hiora, Kristina [I0139]
  2. Hiora, Elena [I0140]
  3. Hiora, Natalia [I0141]


Gheorghe's mother had a boy and a girl before him, but they passed away before he was born. He has extensive family – cousins – in Cuza Voda (Cahul District), Vulcanesti and Cahul in Moldova, and Odessa, Ukraine.

Gheorghe married Liudmila Ostapenco around 1973 in Chisinay and Tatiana was born March 14, 1975. Two months after Tatiana's birth, Gheorghe and Liudmila separated.

Gheorghii remarried Liudmila Vasilievna (originally from Udmurtia, Russia) in 1977. They have 3 daughters (Tatiana's half sisters): Kristina (born in 1980), Elena (1983) and Natalia (1990).

As of April 2012, Gheorghii lives with his wife, and two eldest daughters in Antalya, Turkey. The youngest daughter, Natalia, is married and lives in Chisnau with her husband. None of the three daughters have any children at time of writing.

Tatiana had no contact with her father or his family her entire life, and in April 2012 they found each other through social networking sites and are communicating.


  1. Hiora, Piotr Dmitrievich
    1. Ciobor, Evghenia Ivanovna
      1. Hiora, Gheorghe Petrovich
        1. Ostapenco, Liudmila
          1. Chicighina, Tatiana Nicolivna
        2. Vasilievna, Liudmila
          1. Hiora, Kristina
          2. Hiora, Elena
          3. Hiora, Natalia